Lateral bracing by Prescriptive Design

  • Our first efforts will be to determine if you home, or home plan can be  braced by "Prescriptive Bracing", or if it will require complete or partial "lateral engineering" by one of our associated engineers. We will also at this time determine if you want "minimum optimum" design or whether you are wanting a fully code compliant solution.
  • If you have existing floor plans for your home we can begin immediatley to design the bracing solution of your choice. If you do not have existing floor plans we can take the step of measuring your home and creating the base plan.
  • We would then execute the design of your optimal system, and create detailed drawings showing all the work that is needed to Quakestop your home or plan. We will also use our extensive local network to help find a professional to install the bracing solution.
Earthquake bracing design
Detailed, buildable plans.


Your home should nurture, PROTECT and enhance your life. A huge earthquake in the Northwest is Gauranteed , and at least 300 years overdue. Don't wait, call us. Initial  Design consultations are free.